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Re: Criteria for GCC 4.0

On Friday 04 June 2004 10:58, Zack Weinberg wrote:
> (Kai Henningsen) writes:
> > (Phil Edwards)  wrote on 02.06.04 in 
> >> I'm not arguing for /never/ having a 4.0 release (although others do
> >> take that position, and it's a reasonable one).
> >
> > I'll say here that from where I sit, that doesn't strike me as
> > particularly reasonable. More like the opposite.
> It follows logically from the position that a 4.0 version number would
> only be justified by actions we would never take.

As usual, you are only looking at things from a C/C++ centric
point of view.  From that POV you are right.  From many others
you are not.

I have said before that I would like to break with having one
version number for all compilers in the GNU Compiler *Collection*.
If all that matters to many here is C then I don't understand
why it's called a collection.  Ada, Java, and Fortran are going
to be vastly different for the next gcc release.  There is no
reason to give C/C++ a new version number, but for the *Collection*
it is very justified.

Or perhaps GCC should say it is "GNU Compilers for C-family, plus
a few paria languages" ;-)


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