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Re: cross-compilation documentation

Dan Kegel <> writes:

> Tonight's post by Kaz on crossgcc got me reading old threads,
> and I came across this one from last June:
> in which Zach Weinberg said

"Zachary" or "Zack", never "Zach", please. 

>  >We want to decouple libgcc build from compiler build for other
>  >reasons, but that's sufficiently invasive that it's probably a 3.5
>  >item at this point (the way I wanna do it, it needs bootstrap to
>  >run at top level, and it involves moving a lot of files).
> Back then, 3.5 seemed impossibly far off.  Now it's at our doorstep.
> Has there been any motion on getting libgcc build decoupled from
> basic gcc build?  It would be highly appreciated.

There is ongoing work on moving the bootstrap control logic to the top
level, which is a prerequisite for decoupling libgcc from gcc.  The
people working on it are Paolo Bonzini and Nathanael Nerode, as far as
I know.  If you would like to lend a hand with that I'm sure they
would be delighted for the help.


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