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Re: Question...

Valeriu Palos <> writes:

> Hello, my name is Valeriu Palos and here is my problem.
> For some time now I started preparing for the development of a
> software ideea of mine and I got everything through except for the
> part of the c/c++ compiler's licensing program.
> I am rather determined to use GCC as the compiling platform for my
> program, but, the problem is that from what I have read (the GPL
> License documentation), I understood that if I build this software
> with GCC I would not be able to sell it and, even more, I would be
> compelled to disclose the source code of my software to the open
> public.

In this you are mistaken on two different grounds.

 * If you write your own program, and use GCC to compile it, you are
   under no obligation to release your own program under the terms of
   the GPL.  Many individuals and organizations use GCC to compile
   proprietary software.

 * GCC itself is under the GPL.  That means: If you make modifications
   to GCC itself, and you distribute those modifications to some third
   party, then you are obliged to give that third party the source
   code to your modifications if they want it.  You do not have to
   give your modifications to anyone in the first place, you don't
   have to give the source code to anyone you didn't already
   distribute the modified GCC to, and you can charge money for

You may find the Free Software Foundation's GPL FAQ to be helpful:


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