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Hello, my name is Valeriu Palos and here is my problem.

For some time now I started preparing for the development of a software ideea of mine and I got everything through except for the part of the c/c++ compiler's licensing program.

I am rather determined to use GCC as the compiling platform for my program, but, the problem is that from what I have read (the GPL License documentation), I understood that if I build this software with GCC I would not be able to sell it and, even more, I would be compelled to disclose the source code of my software to the open public.

I am a true supporter of open source but I cannot agree that this concept should simply apply to all software programs on the planet.
The software in question involves a lot of hard work and true innovative research in an area which is not yet properly looked into by the developer community. So, you see?... what concerns me is not necessarily the money issue but the intelectual protection issue.

So, allthough I have tried, I simply cannot understand how revealing my work freely to the world could advantage me (except maybe from a PR point of view). I do not pretend to know better than anyone, which is why I am asking you... what is the solution?

I obviously do not want to switch from GCC to another compiler since I would be deprived of many advantages (for me the most important beeing *the compatibility/portability*).
If the only solution to using GCC is giving my code up for free, than I ask you to help me understand the advantages of this choice (make me belive!... I know there has to be some solid grounds for GCC's success and the success of programs made with it).

If it is possible, I am willing to buy another type of license program that permits me to make my software commercial, allthough I am fairly sure that this is not the case.

If I have to switch to another compiling platform it would obviously mean that I should buy a Windows-like platform (Borland or Microsoft) since these are next in line as far as performance, quality and overall advantages go.

I do not mean to insult the ideea of free software through GPL by asking this, but it is really important. Also, I would expect that, through time, many might have asked the same thing I am, so if you decide that my letter is not even worth replying I will not hold it against you.

Thank you, and keep up the (undoubtedly) good work! :)

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