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Re: Beginner GCC projects question

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 05:26, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> > 1) Is the list of projects current?
> Not all of it, but the one you picked is.
> > I was thinking of starting with the
> > include file inter-dependency cleanup, but I want to make sure that
> > somebody else isn't already tackling that.
> Not AFAIK.

A couple of clarification questions:

1) The description states that headers shouldn't explicitly include
config.h, system.h, or ansidecl.h. Now from my initial look, most
headers need coretypes.h, in particular for the GTY() define. Should an
explicit dependency be added on coretypes.h as needed, or does that
header fall in the first category since it'll be so ubiquitous?

2) Is the 'gcc' subdirectory the main target for this project? How about
its subdirectories? Any others?

3) Is there somebody in particular (a maintainer?) with whom I should be
discussing include/ changes in the gcc subdir and cc'ing
patches? It's a bit unclear the maintainership breakdown in this
directory due to the amount of stuff in here.



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