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RE: precompiled header support

> -----Original Message-----
> From: tm_gccmail 
> Sent: 11 May 2004 22:01

> > memory space (yeh; a bit out-of-date, I know, but it 
> imposes a bit of
> > discipline on your resource allocation and deallocation 
> coding techniques
> > when you know you have to free every malloc because it 
> won't get released
> > just because your process exits!)...
> It may be "out of date" 

  Please, don't read that as some kind of criticism!  I'm an old amiga
loyalist myself :) and as I said, I kinda liked the way it obliged you to
write good healthy code!

> but here's a few more examples:
> ucLinux - no MMU
> PalmOS prior to version 5 - ran on an m68k w/o MMU
> WinCE I believe uses a single address space for all apps
> MacOS for the m68k
> etc.

  Yep, and I would add vxWorks (some-but-not-all target/version
combinations) and probably also rtems (unverified) to that list;
mmu-less-ness is still the rule rather than the exception in vast sectors of
the embedded space.  But bear in mind that not all targets are also hosts
when it comes to gcc, which is all that matters in this context.  Is the
compiler meant to be hosted under ucLinux or any of those others?  I
couldn't find anything by googling:

[etc etc etc]

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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