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Re: registering with bugzilla (Zack Weinberg)  wrote on 07.05.04 in <>:

> Doug McIlroy <> writes:
> > Sorry for the adjacent partial letter.  Here's the whole thing:
> >
> > The procedure outlined in the following letter has behaved as
> > a black hole for a good 8 hours--browsers time out trying to
> > reach the cgi.  Conceivably I screwed up by inadvertently
> > using the "cancel" link first instead of the "change password"
> > link, but it timed out, too, so I doubt that it was effective.
> The IP address of was changed abruptly this morning[1].
> DNS caches all over the world have not yet caught up, and there may be
> system configuration glitches which have not yet been worked out.  I
> would suggest that you wait until Monday and then try again.

I can only find one address (,,, and that's

And that IP is off the air. Or at least I don't come farther than AT&T's  

So ...

> [1] See announcement and discussion at
> <>.

... this link isn't helpful right now.

Then again, I expect nobody will see this mail until it is no longer a  
problem ...

MfG Kai

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