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Re: Promoting floats to doubles?

On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 02:00, Kean Johnston wrote:

PROMOTE_FOR_CALL_ONLY was removed last week by the way.

The PROMOTE_MODE stuff may not work in your case.  Currently, they are
only for integers (char/short/int/long), and they work by adding
SUBREGs.  However, SUBREGs can not be used for converting floats to
doubles and vice versa.  So the PROMOTE_MODE stuff will just lead to
trouble.  You might be able to get it working, but you will have to
rewrite the code a bit.  It might be easier to add some new hooks which
are used in the same places but generate conversions instead of adding

It is probably easier to do this in the C front end, even if that is the
wrong place to do this.  It will be a bit more work to do this in the
middle-end.  I don't believe there are any existing hooks for this.  I
will you will. have to write some code to get this working in the
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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