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Help restricting args of an intrinsic function

I am trying to implement a few PowerPC intrinsics that are supported by another PowerPC compiler. It is going pretty well in general (thanks to help by Mike Stump), but now, I have hit a road block.

The intrinsic I am trying to implement is rlwimi. The syntax is:

__rwlimi (rA,rS, SH, MB, ME);

rA is the output register.
rS is the input.
SH is the shift value; MB and ME are mask begin and mask end values.

The problem is that the only valid values SH, MB and ME are constant integers from 1 to 31 inclusively. I have an instruction pattern which accepts valid calls like:

r2 = __rlwimi (r, arg, 3, 5, 8);

This is cool. The next step was getting:

r2 = __rlwimi (r, arg, 789, 5, 8);

to correctly flag that 789 was not a valid value. I did that by calling TREE_CODE on the argument, checking to see if it is INTEGER_CST, and then using compare_tree_int to see the constant value. This is all cool.

The problem is this:

  const int shift = 3;
  r2 = __rlwimi (r, arg, shift, 5, 8);

When I get the tree for the third arg, it is of type NOP_EXPR. I tried just calling default_conversion() from c-typeck.c as an experiment, knowing that it is C-specific. However, it still came out a NOP_EXPR.

Our competition handles this case just fine.

This is just one example; there are others even worse:

  enum tests {
	t1, t2, t3, t4, t5

r2 = __rlwimi(r, arg, t3, 5, 8);


  const int foo = 5;
  const int *shiftPtr = &foo;
  r2 = __rlwimi (r, arg, *shiftPtr, 5, 8);


(not to mention Ada or Fortran constructs)

How can I safely:
	- Determine if a value is really a compile-time constant?
	- Get the value of that constant?

Or, alternatively, is there a hook in the front-end parser that I can tie into to flag the error at parse time?

Syd Polk
Apple Computer
Technology EPM, Mac OS X Development Tools
+1 408 974-0577

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