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SH4 regression testing


Since my interests include both GCC development and console hacking, I
thought I'd mention something I found on the web here. Dan Potter has
released some tools on his web page which he hopes will help with
writing regressions for the SH4 GCC port. His project KallistiOS, an
(impressive!) homebrew operating system for the Sega Dreamcast, only
compiles reliably with old GCC releases (3.0.x) because of apparent
bugs in newer releases.

The tools include an emulator which will run SH4 code on a host PC,
farming off requests to Dreamcast hardware when it is accessed
(DreamIce), as well as an emulator which runs entirely on the host PC
with console output (DryIce).

Although I have got some GCC regressions working on my own port under
emulation (and, erm, failing quite a lot), but I don't know if I could
do anything useful to a more mature port. Perhaps someone else is
interested in these tools?



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