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Re: ./configure --program-suffix and man pages

Joseph S. Myers writes:
> On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Matthias Klose wrote:
> > > At least for 3.4+, this renaming you have requested will happen during a 
> > > make install.
> > 
> > but not for the generated info pages.
> Doing this properly also involves adjusting the info directory entries to
> refer to the correct info files, e.g. with -D on the makeinfo command line
> to change the default.  And this means that if such an option to change
> the info file names is specified, any pre-built info files in a release
> tarball must be ignored in favour of building new ones (this may already
> work, I don't know).

ok, I'll have a look at this. this is still wrong in the Debian

> Similarly, the bodies of the manpages should be adjusted to reflect the
> installed program names (rather than a manpage for gcc-3.4 documenting a
> command "gcc").
> Then you might adjust intl.c so that each version uses suffixed
> translations (, etc.).

oh yes, this patch was already ignored two times :-(

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