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Re: Please mention the CVS parameter has changed in the web page

Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Kelley Cook wrote:

I believe that our instructions for accessing Savannah are missing a few
steps which any GCC developers likely wouldn't have noticed, since they
were already required for our cvs write access.

a) You must have SSHv2 installed.
b) You must set CVS_RSH="ssh".

The item (b) above was crucial.

The use of CVS_RSH="ssh" has finally resolved the
read-only access problem for CVS repository!

e.g. I use bash.

export CVS_RSH
cvs -z 9 -d update
The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 80:5a:b0:0c:ec:93:66:29:49:7e:04:2b:fd:ba:2c:d5.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
? check-num-percent.awk
? typescript
... it is updating the local CVS source file finally! ...

(I DID apply for write access as Zack suggested, though.)

I should have known that the timing when my access began failing
was conincidental to the report of server(s) broken into, but
didn't realize / connect that I now needed "ssh" as the
underlying transport. Now come to think of it, it makes sense, but
it took me so long to update my local tree :-(

Thank you for pointing out this necessary step.

But I wonder now.

How many people WITHOUT CVS write commit priviledge have
tried the current CVS gcc source   *IF* they don't know
how to obtain it?

Does host keep log of anoncvs login?
If so, I suspect the record would show that
the number of anonymous login might have
dropped drastically for the last 1.5 months.

Since there are dedicated people running the self-build of
GCC source tree, etc., I think the testing is at least done
with minimal assurance, but the testing against diverse
source may not have happened as it had done prior to the
switch to "ssh"-based access in the last 1.5 months.

Just a thought.

This patch is mostly fine, thanks.

Some issues I noticed: Please do not link to any SSH implementation and
use the term "SSH2 protocol".  (In fact, I'd simply omit that -- hardly
any client these days does not support SSH2, so this may confuse more
users than it helps.)

The update of the page you refer to happened in January this year.

Both items 3 and 4 are optional, in the sense that one doesn't need to
do 3 to do 4.  I suggest to merge these two items and use the original
wording (or something like that).


int main(void){int j=2003;/*(c)2003 cishikawa. */
char t[] ="<CI> @abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.,\n\"";
char *i ="g>qtCIuqivb,gCwe\np@.ietCIuqi\"tqkvv is>dnamz";
while(*i)((j+=strchr(t,*i++)-(int)t),(j%=sizeof t-1),
(putchar(t[j])));return 0;}/* under GPL */

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