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Re: Please mention the CVS parameter has changed in the web pageexplicitly. Also a GCC source mirror?

Zack Weinberg wrote:
Chiaki <> writes:

For the last two months (maybe one months, but couting back, I think
it is more like 6-7 weeks and close to 2 months), I could not
access GCC CVS tree successfully.


The mirror at (aka was taken
offline because that machine was broken into.  We *thought* it was
back up again (and that both names worked) but we might be wrong about

(looks to me only the CVS access is closed at this moment. The CVSweb page, etc. works at the host.

You should get CVS write access (didn't we discuss this last year?)
then you can use CVS-over-SSH to the master server.  Instructions for
requesting CVS write access are at;
you may say I authorized this.

Will do. Thank you. Hopefully, I can merge the local hack once I get the latest CVS source. I needed to check what the original source did and I no longer have the original :-(


int main(void){int j=2003;/*(c)2003 cishikawa. */
char t[] ="<CI> @abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.,\n\"";
char *i ="g>qtCIuqivb,gCwe\np@.ietCIuqi\"tqkvv is>dnamz";
while(*i)((j+=strchr(t,*i++)-(int)t),(j%=sizeof t-1),
(putchar(t[j])));return 0;}/* under GPL */

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