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Re: [objc-improvements-branch] About to start ObjC++

> I actually don't mind the idea of ObjC, although > I
will probably only  use it 
> minimistically..what I take issue with, 
> specifically, is the fact  that
> you have carte blanche control over anything 
> objc related in GCC, and  you
> act like a lord, dictating what will happen and >
when, instead of  working with people.

I don't like to butt into threads like this, but what
is the problem here? We explicitly allow developers to
create branches on which they specify the check-in
criteria. We do this precisely for occurrences like
this, to develop or integrate a specific feature.
Would it help us if Zem just sent in a single massive
patch to gcc-patches, and nobody got a chance to
test/comment on the code before it gets reviewed and
merged onto mainline?

In any case, rather than hurling around accusationas,
if there are specific patches/issues you'd like
addressed, perhaps you could specify what they are?


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