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Re: gcc 3.5 integration branch proposal

On Jan 20, 2004, Mike Stump <> wrote:

> ?  Call me confused.  Give me a Mosix cluster and the compile server,
> and I'll show you fast compilation...

Is the compiler server multi-threaded?  Even if it were, Mosix
wouldn't get anything from it since threads that run on a shared
memory space don't migrate to different hosts.  At least last I
looked, they didn't.

Sure, if you start multiple compile servers, they can migrate to
different boxes.  Ditto for distcc builds.  But then each one
duplicates some of the compilation that the compiler server is
supposed to save, so by distributing the load you diminish the
benefits of the sharing.

> We do distcc and PCH today, perfectly compatible as well.

How can you do PCH with distcc, if distcc just ships the preprocessed
sources to the remote box?  Usage of distcc simply disables PCH for
me.  Are you hiding any patches from the rest of us, that embed PCH
data in the preprocessor output?  This might be nice, but it would
probably be yet another incompatible change in the preprocessor output
format that might cause problems to other tools.

> We don't do ccache and PCH, but I don't see why that is any harder
> than simple to get working.

If you do distcc, I don't see how you can not do ccache.

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