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Re: gcc 3.5 integration branch proposal

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Robert Ladd <> writes:

 Scott> Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
 >> I suggest you spend some time in the bugzilla database, triaging
 >> bugs and explaining people who say that the compiler segfaulted --
 >> when compiling their programs, and you have determined that GCC
 >> was consuming huge memory -- that they are marginal.  Until then,
 >> I guess we're just going through an empty discussion.

 Scott> Well, people can tell me I'm nuttier than a fruitcake, but
 Scott> here's a wild suggestion:

 Scott> Define a "lean-and-mean" build, perhaps focused on C, that
 Scott> reduces system requirements and focuses on compilation
 Scott> speed. One of GCC's key advantages is its support for "older"
 Scott> hardware.

 Scott> Such an approach might go a long way toward satisfying the
 Scott> various constituencies who want faster compiles on limited
 Scott> systems.

It wouldn't satisfy me.  C++ is just as important as C, and it is
completely unreasonable to tell people that any host other than a
year or two is "marginal".

A point to keep in mind is that laptops make good hosts, but laptops
are more memory-limited than desktops. 


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