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Re: [RFC] Contributing tree-ssa to mainline

 I agree with Richard, there is no problem, if the Ada compiler won't run with tree-ssa then the ada people have to run 3.4 ....

 / Lars Segerlund.

On Fri, 16 Jan 04 21:41:36 EST (Richard Kenner) wrote:

>     > As it is today, it is impossible to build an Ada compiler with the
>     > branch.
>     I'm afraid that's a blocker.
> I disagree.  If every other criteria is met, I don't see that as a blocking
> issue, mostly because that's not a "fault" of the tree-ssa project and it
> would be unfair to hold them up while that work is being done.
> At some point in the not too distant future, the Ada front end will handle
> function-at-a-time and then converting it to using tree-ssa might be
> something that the tree-ssa folks can either do or help with, but I don't see
> this is a major timing issue: even if we had one release of GCC (say 3.5)
> that didn't support Ada, it wouldn't be fatal and should not hold up tree-ssa
> if it were ready before the Ada conversion was done.

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