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Re: Help with changing snapshot mechanism

On Sat, 17 Jan 2004, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
>> The policy I had in mind was not making snapshots from mainline until
>> x.y.0 has been released, to put a stronger focus on release work and
>> especially testing, so for now I'd like us to only provide snapshots
>> of the 3.3 and 3.4 branches.
> What do the FreeBSD people (who seemed to make the most calls for
> snapshots from both mainline and branches so that snapshot URLs could be
> used for ports, e.g. <>)
> think of this?

Both of those maintaining the lang/gcc3x ports in FreeBSD -- that is,
David and me :-) -- are fine with it.

(Thanks for keeping this in mind, though.  I'm always astonished about
your memory!)

> That seems reasonable (the diffs support is very general - running the
> script manually you could build a release with diffs from the previous
> release, and diffs from the previous prerelease, and diffs from the last
> snapshot on that branch - but the snapshot mode presently hardcodes the
> version number for the diffs to be the same as that for the new snapshot:
>     OLD_TARS=${LAST_DIR}/gcc-${BRANCH}-${LAST_DATE}.tar.bz2

I believe I can address this by a three-liner.

Gerald Pfeifer (Jerry)

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