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Re: povray: Revised numbers

On Sat, 17 Jan 2004, Jan Hubicka wrote:

> > Here are revised numbers for my povray test, based on comments both
> > public and private:
> >
> >                    compile  benchmark
> >                     time      time
> >                   --------  ---------
> > gcc mainline        1:43      7:59
> >   w/ -mfpmath=sse   1:46      6:30
> >
> > gcc tree-ssa        1:46      7:35
> >   w/ -mfpmath=sse  ** SEG fault **
> >
> > icc 8.0             1:53      5:50
> >
> Thanks for testing.
> If you have code where -mfpmath=sse lose considerably on mainline
> (3.3 branch had very fresh SSA implementation and lacked P4 tunning), I
> would be interested in seeing it.

As can Scott, so can I ;)  Here are some benchmarks for my favorite POOMA
based application.  For current 3.3, 3.4 and Intel 8.0 (tree-ssa ICEs).
For a fair comparison, I dropped __attribute__((leafify)) in one round of
testing, as I cannot hack Intel 8.0 for my needs.

Compiler flags are -O2 -funroll-loops -ffast-math -march=athlon for gcc
and -O2 -ip for icc.  Tests are done on an Athlon 1GHz with 1GB ram.
gcc 3.3 is 3.3.3 20040112, gcc 3.4 is 3.4.0 20040114, icc 8.0 is build

	compile time	run time	binary size (static, stripped)
gcc3.3	6m57s		1m24s		2877232
	8m23s		0m34s		2963408  __attribute__((leafify))
gcc3.4	3m41s		1m10s		2584088
	5m04s		0m39s		2682520  __attribute__((leafify))
icc8.0	12m41s		0m42s		5046476

So what one can clearly see, Intel 8.0 looses all the way down in compilation
speed and binary size, but is a lot better in runtime than plain gcc.  And
it should be clear, why I'm still maintaining the leafify attribute
patch... :)

The leafify test also shows that mainline/3.4 has somewhat regressed in
speed compared to 3.3 - performance I expect to get back after rtlopt
been merged.  Together with the new parser and improved ISO compliance I'm
quite happy with 3.4.

I'd love to test tree-ssa, but that doesn't build my application at the
moment (and I don't have the leafify attribute fixed wrt the latest
cgraph changes yet).


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