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Re: gcc 3.5 integration branch proposal

> I hope the rules can be fixed, to avoid these problems happening again 
> for 3.5.

I hear your pain, and I sympathize.

Believe me, I wish 3.4 were long since out the door.

The fundamental problem remains the following:

(1) Our very high rate of change, coupled with our relatively fragile
system, causes lots of regressions.

(2) We don't do a good job of making the people who caused the problems
fix them -- and sometimes they are unable to do so, for valid reasons. 
Sometimes we don't detect the problems quickly enough to figure out what
caused them easily.

(3) We have no dedicated bug-fixers, who simply treat fixing regressions
as their sole calling.  (I have actually been doing this for the C++
front end since the new parser went in; I've deliberately not worked on
a single piece of new functionality.)

My job here is to try to serve as best I can.  To me, the
regression-elimination goal has always been a good one; it's certainly
the one that I want most from the software I use.  But, if timeliness is
the imperative, I can manage the releases with that goal instead.  In
fact, that was my initial inclination -- but people resisted that
strategy somewhat strongly.

What's somewhat disappointing to me is that we clearly have the
resources to fix the regressions -- we just don't have the willingness. 
If every skilled GCC developer fixed four or five regressions, we'd have
zero open regressions at this point -- or, at least, the ones that were
open would be due to huge structural problems that we have no practical
way of fixing quickly.

I'll make you a deal -- if you will commit to fixing five Bugzilla
regressions between now and January 31st, and five more after the branch
is made, then I'll create the branch on January 31st, come hell or high
water.  Deal?

Mark Mitchell <>
CodeSourcery, LLC

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