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Re: Less radical proposal (was Re: Radical proposal: skip 3.4)

Phil Edwards wrote:
So, here's a suggestion:  during stage 3, this rule should be more
vigourously ... eh, "enforced" isn't quite the word I want, but it's close.
For those two months, we really should be seeing more bugs fixed than
new code committed.  Yah, I know fixing bugs isn't sexy, but getting our
collective ass whomped by commercial compilers is even less sexy.  Yah, I
know nobody here wants to be the unpopular bully who vetos perfectly good
new dev work during those two months, but I think it'll still be needed.
I've been fixing bugs. But it takes me a lot longer than it takes me to implement structural improvements. :-/

Actually, what takes longer isn't *fixing* the bugs per se; it's tracking them down. I like doing that, but (for me) it's sloooow work.

Anyone here good at tracking down bugs? :-) (This goes beyond regression hunting in the common case where the patch causing the regression was fixing some other bug.)

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