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Extension of the CSiBE benchmark

Dear all,

Inspired by a very positive feedback from the community, we would like to make the CSiBE benchmark for code size ( even more useful by extending its test bed. It is very important the test bed to be representative and contains examples of various fields such as ingeger, floating point, mobile, network, embedded applications and even system code such as kernel modules.

For this, we are seeking for your help: what kind of applications, code snippets, modules, ... would you suggest? The test bed currently includes some media applications, complex integer- and control-compuation applications, text and data manipulation programs, etc. Currently the total size is about 1.2M (binary).

We are planning to add some network protocol implementations such as tcp/ip and parts of the linux kernel. Do you have some ideas on exactly which source code parts would be useful for this purpose? And what kind of other example programs would you like to see?
Please bear in mind that the example programs should compile for all supported targets (arm, i386, m68k, mips, ppc).

Thank you for you help. All suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Best regards,
  Arpad Beszedes

-- Arpad Beszedes - researcher Software Engineering Department University of Szeged, Hungary e-mail: web: tel.: (+36) 62 544145

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