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Re: Plans for 3.3 series

Gabriel Dos Reis writes:
> Joe Buck <> writes:
> | Gabriel Dos Reis has agreed to serve as RM for 3.3.3, freeing Mark Mitchell
> | to focus on the 3.4 release.  We were going to delay announcing this until
> | next week, since Gaby will have a chance to meet with Mark in person on
> | Monday to discuss plans, but since it seems that some people were taking
> | actions based on the assumption that there wouldn't be a 3.3.3, I thought
> | that I would go ahead and announce this.
> | 
> | This repeats what we did for the 3.2.x series: Gaby was RM for the
> | 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 releases, while Mark handled the earlier ones.
> | 
> | Thanks, Gaby.  Detailed information about the 3.3.3 process will come out
> | next week, after Gaby and Mark have had a chance to discuss it.
> Thanks, Joe.
> We just had a "GCC dinner" here in Kona, with lots of wishes/dreams
> for GCC :-). 
>    My plan for the 3.3 series is to have regular releases every 3
> months until some indeterminate point in the future, that
> indeterminate point being after - at least - two releases from the 3.4
> branch.  After that indeterminate point, I'll make 2 releases every 6
> months with no official announcements.  And after that, I will probably
> close the branch depending on the situation of 3.4.x at that time.
> The idea behind that is to give distributors and packagers a chance to
> build from a regularly released "official 3.3.x tree" that have 3.3 ABI.
> The tentative release date for GCC-3.3.3 is set January 31th.
> Thanks,
> -- Gaby

This effort is highly appreciated, speaking here not officially for
Debian, but as a packager for GCC.

Many thanks!


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