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Re: Ada bootstrap failure on ia64 (Richard Kenner) writes:

>     I don't see how that's possible; "Program_Error sinput.adb:397" is
>     Get_Source_File_Index failing to find an entry in its table.
> This can happen when an error is posted on a predefined type (such as Float)
> or on a constant representing a bound of that type.

Looks like it's the case here:

#0  errout.error_msg (msg=
      {P_ARRAY = 0x60000fffffff9630, P_BOUNDS = 0x60000fffffff9690}, 
    flag_location=-2) at /cvs/gcc/gcc/ada/errout.adb:262
#1  0x4000000000211360 in errout.error_msg_nel (msg=
      {P_ARRAY = 0x60000fffffff9630, P_BOUNDS = 0x60000fffffff9690}, n=66, 
    e=66, flag_location=-2) at /cvs/gcc/gcc/ada/errout.adb:1047
#2  0x4000000000210db0 in errout.error_msg_ne (msg=
      {P_ARRAY = 0x60000fffffff9630, P_BOUNDS = 0x60000fffffff9690}, n=66, 
    e=66) at /cvs/gcc/gcc/ada/errout.adb:991
#3  0x400000000012adc0 in post_error_ne_tree (
    msg=0x4000000001330af0 "size for& too small{, minimum allowed is ^}", 
    node=66, ent=66, t=0x2000000000329020) at /cvs/gcc/gcc/ada/trans.c:5548
#4  0x40000000000597a0 in validate_size (uint_size=600032864, 
    gnu_type=0x2000000000382b10, gnat_object=66, kind=TYPE_DECL, 
    component_p=0, zero_ok=0) at /cvs/gcc/gcc/ada/decl.c:5882
#5  0x400000000003bfc0 in gnat_to_gnu_entity (gnat_entity=66, gnu_expr=0x0, 
    definition=0) at /cvs/gcc/gcc/ada/decl.c:3722
#6  0x40000000000ed1d0 in gigi (gnat_root=1361, max_gnat_node=1943, 
    number_name=1149, nodes_ptr=0x200000000046c010, 
    next_node_ptr=0x2000000000628010, prev_node_ptr=0x200000000065c010, 
    elists_ptr=0x6000000000514eb0, elmts_ptr=0x6000000000515500, 
    strings_ptr=0x600000000057c520, string_chars_ptr=0x600000000057b190, 
    list_headers_ptr=0x6000000000596cf0, number_units=2, 
    file_info_ptr=0x60000fffffffa360 "ïïï\021", standard_integer=42, 
    standard_long_long_float=66, standard_exception_type=1033, 
    gigi_operating_mode=0) at /cvs/gcc/gcc/ada/trans.c:208
#7  0x40000000007ffc40 in back_end.call_back_end (
    mode=back_end__generate_object) at /cvs/gcc/gcc/ada/back_end.adb:108
#8  0x4000000000804580 in gnat1drv () at /cvs/gcc/gcc/ada/gnat1drv.adb:635
#9  0x400000000006a3c0 in gnat_parse_file (set_yydebug=0)
    at /cvs/gcc/gcc/ada/misc.c:220
#10 0x4000000000f37970 in compile_file () at /cvs/gcc/gcc/toplev.c:1836
#11 0x4000000000f481a0 in do_compile () at /cvs/gcc/gcc/toplev.c:4689
#12 0x4000000000f483a0 in toplev_main (argc=15, argv=0x60000fffffffa948)
    at /cvs/gcc/gcc/toplev.c:4729
#13 0x4000000000805ac0 in main (argc=15, argv=0x60000fffffffa948)
    at /cvs/gcc/gcc/main.c:35


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