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Re: Switching the default for -fabi-version

> which are not very clear (may vs. will) and omitting of a reason (in case
> of the second warning). So to say, if I can still specify -fabi-version=0
> I'm happy with changing. But you could try to make sure you dont break
> libstdc++ compatibility with this change?

This is the point everyone seems to be missing: libstdc++ compatibility
is *already* going to break in GCC 3.4.

And, what, really is the benefit of keeping the default compiler ABI
consistent with a previous version if the runtime library is going to
bump its major version number?

The only situation where the change I'm proposing would matter is when
you're using the new compiler with the old library.  That probably won't
work anyhow -- since, for example, the new parser probably can't handle
the old headers.

But, if, somehow, it would work without the change, it will also work
with the change -- provided you add -fabi-version=1 to your command

Mark Mitchell <>
CodeSourcery, LLC

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