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Re: MIPS port in CVS HEAD?

Am Sam, den 18.10.2003 schrieb um 21:13:

> How did you check it out,

Like one checks out the HEAD of a CVS repository:

cvs co gcc

>  how did you configure it, etc.?

Exactly like I do with gcc 3.2.3 for instance (which also has build
troubles BTW but works with a few smaller tweaks). The target is mipsel
so, the prefix /opt/mipsel:
- I build and install binutils ( as crosstools
- I prepare the kernel sources for the target and copy the include files
  over to the prefix
- ../gcc/configure --prefix=/opt/mipsel/ --with-newlib --target=mipsel-linux --disable-nls --disable-threads

And get the problems as described when doing make. I also tried the
tricks in the MIPS FAQ regarding setting several environment variables
for make.

> Many of us do this on a regular basis, and it works just fine.  (My
> last cross-build of a MIPS compiler -- mipsisa64-elf target -- was
> ... 4 days ago, and i used gcc 3.2.3 and all was well.)

In theory I already have a complete cross toolchain for PowerPC and also
for i386 with uClibc and gcc 3.2.3; I only fail to compile HEAD and even
3.2.3 doesn't work as smooth as expected. I need something different
than the 3.2.3 because this one miscompiles almost all programs when
using -O1 or greater so they segfault on the target.


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