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GCC Release Status (2003-10-03)

GCC 3.3.2

GCC 3.3.2 was tentatively scheduled for October 1, 2003, which is -2
days away.  Well, I guess we're not going to get *that* release out on
time, unless I can find a time machine on E-Bay.  Part of this is due
to the fact that we've had major deliverables that have taken away
from my ability to do volunteer work on GCC.

There are still a lot of open 3.3.2 regressions: 69 at last count,
which is down from 96 the last time I sent a status report.  So,
that's progress!  On the other hand, we're not getting this down to
anything near zero anytime before December at this rate.

A lot of these PRs are assigned to people -- but it doesn't seem like
much progress is being made. A lot of these PRs have been ignored for

I see no choice but to do the release anyhow; I can't see how having
no release is better for the world than having a release with a lot of
bug fixes, even if it does have some regressions.

Therefore, I intend to make a test release by next Wednesday, and a
final release a week after that, assuming no absolute show-stoppers.

If there are 3.3.2 PRs for which a patch has been posted, but not
reviewed, please (a) put a pointer to the patch in the PR, and (b) add
me to the Cc list for the PR.  I will try to review and/or apply all
that I get.  Please don't send me mail directly; that will only make
it harder for me to keep track of what's going on.

GCC 3.4

GCC 3.4 is in Stage 2.  GCC 3.4 will enter Stage 3 (bugfixes only) on
October 15th, which is 12 days away.

There are 150 bugs targeted for GCC 3.4 (up from 143); 46 are C++ bugs
(up from 44).

Previous Status Report

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC

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