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Re: Targets with pre-C89 libraries (was Re: Help wanted from targetmaintainers re: fixincludes/fixproto)

"Zack Weinberg" <> writes:

Fixproto is of use only for targets with unregenerate K+R C library
headers; it should be disabled a lot more widely than it is.

To expand, it's my belief that there are very few supported targets left, hosted or freestanding, which do not provide C89-compliant C runtime libraries (the freestanding/embedded targets may not provide all the functionality of a full hosted implementation, but they will e.g. provide fully prototyped headers and the C89 mem* functions in preference to the 4.2BSD b* functions).

I would like to validate this belief, by working out a complete list
of supported targets that don't have C89-satisfactory runtimes, and
then I would like to propose that this should be the target obsoletion
list for the 3.4 release (i.e. removed entirely from 3.5).  A
consequence of eliminating all such targets would be that fixproto
could be discarded, and certain aspects of target configuration could
be simplified.
We don't need to go that far to make me happy. I would *strongly* like to have a list of all targets which need fixproto. Then I could default fixproto to off, and turn it on only for those specific targets (much more efficient).

Also, if one of these targets needed fixproto only for, say, a single file, that bugfix could be put into fixincludes instead (much more efficient).


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