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Re: about to port GCC


Alvaro Hernando Salazar V. wrote:
I'm a embedded systems developer, I am a memeber of a
group interested in to develop a free small RTOS for
motorola's HC08 microcontroller.

I have two options to choose: to develop it in
assembly or in C language.

There are a problem with C language for this devices,
nobody is developing or porting a free C language to
these devices.

The question is if you are porting GCC to 68HC08. If
not, why? I could help giving information about these
devices. I am a C/C++ programmer but I don't have
experience making compilers... could you send me more
information about that?.

Thanks for your attention,


As maintainer of 68HC11/68HC12 port I receive this request regularly (for HC08 or HC05). The HC05/08 are close to the HC11/HC12 with only 2 registers instead of 3 (A + X). It was a real nightmare for me to port on HC11 due to this small register architecture. But now, gcc generates very good code that beats commercial compilers.

As far as HC08 is concerned, the gcc porting task is even more difficult.
The HC11 port as it is is probably a good starting point.  The binutils/gdb
port is trivial in comparison.

Since I don't have an HC08 board nor do I plan to use it for my own boards,
I do not plan to support it (I made the HC11 port because I needed a compiler
for one of my board; I was not paid for that).

Now you are free to do the port yourself and contribute. There is a big
porting documentation (>400 pages) but the most helpful thing is probably the
sources and the existing ports (hc11, avr, h8300, ...).


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