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Re: COND_EXPR lowering patch

>>>>> Zdenek Dvorak writes:

Zdenek> The main showstopper seems to be the tree-ssa-dce; after this change
Zdenek> it cannot work in the current form (resp. it could, but since most of the
Zdenek> interesting control flow will then be expressed by explicit gotos, it
Zdenek> would be useless).

Zdenek> It was discussed before, but afair there was not any definitive
Zdenek> conclusion.  To me the following scheme seems to be the best:
Zdenek> The control structures removal part will only be activated with -O3
Zdenek> and will be done using regular control dependency analysis.

Zdenek> Rationale: this part of the optimization is rarely useful, and even if
Zdenek> it does something, ordinary dce together with jump threading does it
Zdenek> anyway (not completely, but for the most interesting cases it should
Zdenek> work).  It is also quite costly, which makes it a clear candidate for
Zdenek> -O3.  And this also seems to be the easiest way, since Jeff has the
Zdenek> requiered patch iirc.

Zdenek> Your opinions?

	Why are we discussing this in terms of all or nothing control
structure removal instead of progressive lowering?  We cannot order the
Tree-SSA passes to handle both requirements?


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