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m68k - Dropping the Motorola syntax


The NetBSD people are upgrading to GCC 3.3.1, therefore
I've checked with them if they still need the Motorola
syntax for m68k.

This message confirms NetBSD would not be a show-stopper
in case we decide to drop it as we were discussing some
time ago.

We already know that OpenBSD still needs it. I'd like to
ask them whether they would mind doing the extra work needed
to resync their old GAS fork to bintutils 2.x.

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Subject: Re: 2.0 goals
Date: Thursday 14 August 2003 16:24
From: Steve Woodford <>
To: Bernardo Innocenti <>

On Thu, 14 Aug 2003, Bernardo Innocenti wrote:
> Are the m68k ports still using the Motorola assembly syntax in GCC?
> There was a longish thread last month about dropping it in GCC 3.4
> and the only two mainstream targets still using it appeared to be
> NetBSD and OpenBSD.

The m68k toolchain doesn't get to see any source in Motorola asm syntax.

AFAIK, the only such source is the kernel's FP support code, which is
converted to MIT syntax on the fly before being assembled.

Cheers, steve


  // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.

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