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Re: Optimal Optimizations: A Very Preliminary Report

Diego Novillo wrote:
>As I see it, the problem has at least three dimensions:
>     1. Selection of optimization options
>     2. Ordering of the different passes
>     3. Programs used as benchmarks
>Ideally, one would explore that 3 dimensional space and cut slices to
>stick in the different -Ox.  GCC will let you play with #1 (to a 
>certain extent) and #3, but you cannot change #2.

With some notable exceptions, such as -fschedule-insns vs. 

(Incidentally, the evidence for that particular case indicates that 
-fschedule-insns should be abandoned entirely, while -fschedule-insns2 
should be standard.)

Actually, #2 is an interesting point: 'common sense' and 
reasoning actually do a pretty good job of determining the correct
order for passes.  (For example, I guessed before seeing any data 
that insn scheduling ought to be post-regalloc, and I appear to have 
been correct.)  Common sense and reasoning don't seem to do such a good 
job at determing what passes are worthwhile (#1) or what programs are 
good benchmarks (#3).

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at>

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