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Re: GCC Framework support in Linux

Stefan Urbanek wrote:-

> As I am not member of this list, so let me introduce a bit. I am a 
> developer creating frameworks and applications for the GNUstep project 
> (
> A friend of mine has pointed me to this message:
> I think that disabling framework support for linux is not a good idea. The 
> project GNUstep is free implementation variant of OpenStep - predcessor of 
> OSX. GNUstep has frameworks and they are almost the same as OSX frameworks. 
> At this time, GNUstep is using hacks like symlinks to shared libraries and 
> headers to be able to support frameworks. Note, that GNUstep is 
> cross-platform environment.
> Because GNUstep is cross-platform environment, i would suggest not to 
> restrict framework support only for OSX. I am crossposting this to 
> discuss-gnustep and therefore I would like to open it to a discussion to 
> find some way.

We don't intend to restrict it.  If you want it to become something
generic, then we need a complete and thorough description of how you
would like it to work.


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