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Re: bugzilla mail loop

On Monday, August 4, 2003, at 10:41 PM, Alan Modra wrote:

Bugzilla Bug 605 is generating a huge amount of traffic due to "an
automated junk-mail reduction system"  :-(  I would guess it's from
an alias of the bug reporter,

This one was actually a pretty cute turn of events

1. Someone appended a regular comment to the bug.
2. It emailed him at his old address
3. This must have forwarded to his anti-spam address.
4. His anti-spam system, rather than reply to me, which is the return-path, and should have gotten *errors* like this, got the braindead idea to reply to the reply-to instead.
5. Because we want anyone to be able to followup with comments to a bug report, it auto-created an account for his new email address when it got his auto-reply.
6. The new comment requesting we masturbate along with his challenge-response system caused it to email his old address with the new comment.
7. Goto 3.

Someone beeped me on IRC, and I disabled his account and changed the appender not to accept mail from disabled accounts.

The best part is that he never saw any of these messages, because of his automated junk-mail reduction system. Only the rest of us did.
So the system works! (For some weird definition of works)

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