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Re: [libiberty copyright assignment audit] cp-demangle.c status

> If on the other hand, the file claims that it is a separate program, and 
> does not claim that it is part of GCC, then there is some question as to 
> whether it is in fact part of GCC or not.  (Normally I would say 
> that being distributed in the tarball for X would establish something 
> as being 'part of X', but there are numerous examples explicitly to the 
> contrary in the GCC tarballs.)  This status affects the impact of 
> the copyright assignment statements.  :-)  Gross, eh?

I disagree, the statement in a file cannot be authenticated easily. A
copyright assignment is a legal document that assigns certain items. What
items are covered is a matter of description in this contract.

The issue is wheter something *is* part of GCC, not whether it claims to be
if the copyright assignment assigns any code that is part of GCC.

I think it unlikely that the statement in the file would have very much
force (due at least in part fo the issue of authentication).

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