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Re: Request for Assistance: GCC 3.3.1 Code-Gen Problems

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Phil Edwards wrote:
>> Wouldn't it be sufficient to just quote the first two lines and then
>> add "...and proceed as usual" or "...and proceed as described in @ref"?
> Sure, that should work.  I'll make that change, if you'll tell me what
> you prefer for the @ref argument.  There are a couple of possibilities,
> all seem equally good to me.

Sorry for the delay.  I quickly had a look back then, but failed to find
something which I really liked so I postponed it and...

Well, how about "@uref{build.html,,the build instructions}" ? [1]

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Eric Botcazou wrote:
>> Lines 3-5 here are exactly what we recommend in general, so either this
>> occurence is redundant (-> long term maintainance issue) or the general
>> description is not sufficient (and should be improved instead).
> Not exactly: the build instructions use 'make' instead of 'gmake'.

Well, make can be any of a lot of different 'make's (including GNU make)
and 'gmake' not necessarily exists (especially if 'make' = GNU make) so
I think it's better to just use 'make' everywhere.

Sorry for the delay!


[1] I now that's not perfect, and one of these days we really should
convert to "modern" makeinfo with its better features for HTML support,
but currently we simply lack a volunteer to do so.

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