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what happened to the donated FSF/Europe machine?

A bit ago, a machine was donated to the FSF/Europe and earmarked for the
use of gcc developers.

In particular:

For 2003, I'd like to contribute hardware to the GCC project, so
that contributors to the GCC project can set up automatic build and
regression tools and various other things could help the GCC project.
(This is in addition to what various people and companies already

This was a stunning bit of generosity, one which I'm hoping will inspire
other, additional selfless acts. 

However, nobody is using the current machine. Am I wrong? Can somebody
update on the status of this donation? Yikes! It seems silly to have
Phil dedicate his machine for the binary regression search bits, and the
autotester, when there are resources that are not being used that could
easily do this in a dedicated way. I'm sure other people also have ideas
on how to use this machine.

How do current gcc developers gain access to this machine? Do you have
to apply for an account?


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