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Re: Solaris 8/SPARC bootstrap broken building 64-bit libgcc

A couple of comments:

> You seem to be using a non-standard configuration (for example, I skimmed 
> through dozen and dozen of bug reports for Solaris and never saw the 'sed' 
> problem reported;

You've since traced this down to POSIX sed, not the older native sed.
Should we add a note in the solaris-specific installation docs that,
ironically, the POSIX-standard version of these tools can cause problems,
and the older native tools (for which workarounds specifically exist)
should be used instead?

(You also pointed out that the test has since been rewritten, so this
particular example is moot.  I just use this as a starting point for

> you use bash to bootstrap, we explicitly recommend ksh). says, "see the specific
instructions for your platform, or use Bash to be sure."

If using Bash as the configuration shell doesn't work, that's a bug.

(I've just upgrade my bash installation from 2.04 to 2.05b, and a number of
oddities have gone away.  Possibly that should be mentioned in the docs too.)

> Because of the shortage of resources, we are forced to support only a single 
> procedure.

I can't argue with that.  We should decide, before 3.3.1 goes out, whether
the POSIX tools in /usr/xpg4/bin are supported during bootstrap.


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