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crosstool-0.12 release. Builds gcc/glibc cross-toolchain, runs gcc/g++/libstdc++testsuite remotely.

crosstool is a build-and-test script for cross-toolchains based on
binutils, gcc, and glibc.  It supports all 32 bit CPUs supported by glibc,
and a couple 64 bit ones.  It's available at

This release adds a couple of patches needed to run the g++
and libstdc++ testsuites remotely for cross-compilers,
as well as patches for ppc405 erratum 77.

If you find this useful, please post a message to the crossgcc
mailing list saying which CPU you're using it with.

Last big missing features are support for running glibc tests remotely,
and support for testing from CVS.


0.12 13 July 2003: actually runs gcc/g++/stdlibc++ testsuites on sh4,ppc405,ppc750
     Details: now tests binutils, gcc, g++, and stdlibc++ instead of just gcc creates file LAST_UPDATED if missing so contrib/test_summary doesn't abort now mentions how to force static linking of test programs checks remote execution early, and aborts if it fails now saves gcc test summary as $TARGET-$TOOLCOMBO.gcc.sum in top level now lets caller pass glibc config args in GLIBC_EXTRA_CONFIG (needed for ppc405) disables nls in final gcc build (somewhat arbitrarily)
     glibc-2.2.5-patches & gcc-3.2.3-patches include my ppc405 erratum 77 patches
     glibc-2.2.5-patches includes Montavista's hhl-powerpc-float patch, rediffed
     gcc-{3.2.3,3.3}-patches now include my g++ and libstdc++-v3 cross-test patches now uses -f so patches which delete files apply properly. uses target name powerpc instead of ppc, because test suites have
     'powerpc' hardcoded in their exception lists & binutils' make check disallows ppc. now lets caller override TARBALLS_DIR, RESULT_TOP, and PREFIX
     doc/dejagnu-remote-howto.html now mentions that rsh/rcp are the default,
     and no longer claims that glibc uses dejagnu

Dan Kegel

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