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Re: [ANNOUNCE] GCC 3.3 uClinux toolchain 20030712 snapshot

Bernardo Innocenti wrote:
In order to make future reviews easier, I'm prefixing each patch
with links to the appropriate Bugzilla entries and/or mailing list
archive pages and/or description of the bug it's meant to fix.

Yes, but I need to add some more information describing the patches
in the headers. I've not written the bigger patches myself. I've
just imported them from other places.

Worth sticking on a prefix showing the effect of *not* including the patch, even if the patch came from somewhere else...

I see you're doing the same thing on most of your patches,
but I don't see any links to Bugzilla entries.  You might consider
adding them to the prologues of your patches.

Most of these are uClinux-specific problems I've found and fixed myself. They are not in GCC's bugzilla.

Sure, but for the patches you want eventually to move into the main gcc tree, you probably want to add entries in gcc's bugzilla... - Dan

Dan Kegel

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