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Re: [ANNOUNCE] GCC 3.3 uClinux toolchain 20030712 snapshot

On Sunday 13 July 2003 20:24, Dan Kegel wrote:

> That's an awesome little script.  I'll link to that page from the next
> release of

The official uClinux toolchain (which is still using 2.95.3) is here:

My site is just a placeholder for the new toolchain until all
major bugs get squashed.

> > A good third party review all over my GCC patch collage would also be
> > greatly appreciated.
> I have the same problem -- I'm collecting up the little patches I need
> to build, and as time goes on, the collection gets a little scary.

 Yeah, expecially when most patches are on top of each other and you
need to fix a bug in the patch being applied first ;-)

> In order to make future reviews easier, I'm prefixing each patch
> with links to the appropriate Bugzilla entries and/or mailing list
> archive pages and/or description of the bug it's meant to fix.

Yes, but I need to add some more information describing the patches
in the headers. I've not written the bigger patches myself. I've
just imported them from other places.

> I see you're doing the same thing on most of your patches,
> but I don't see any links to Bugzilla entries.  You might consider
> adding them to the prologues of your patches.

Most of these are uClinux-specific problems I've found and fixed myself.
They are not in GCC's bugzilla.

  // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.

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