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Re: Fastjar, copyright, and upstream...

>Except that Jim Wilson has noted
><> that, fastjar
>not being part of GCC, GCC assignments don't apply to fastjar.

Well, I hereby release all my changes to fastjar (to date) into the 
public domain.  That gives you one copyright holder fewer to worry

Other people with possibly copyrightable changes according to the 
ChangeLog (being generous):

Tom Tromey <> (lots of stuff)
Kaveh R. Ghazi <> (lots of stuff)
Craig Rodrigues <> (lots of stuff)
Alexandre Petit-Bianco <> (lots of stuff)
Matthias Klose <> (fastjar.texi -- sole author, & 
  possibly others)

Daiki Ueno <> (jartool.c)
H.J.Lu <> (acinclude.m4,
Ranjit Mathew <> (jartool.c & possibly others)
Jakub Jelinek <> (jartool.c)
Geoffrey Keating <> (
Bryce McKinlay <> (jartool.c)
Anthony Green <> (jartool.c)
John David Anglin <> (jartool.c)
Kelley Cook <> (jargrep.c,

The other changes are trivial bugfixes, single #include additions, or 
other uncreative one-line tweaks.  And some of the ones mentioned above 
may be too.

This is *not* a long list, so it should be easy to deal with.

>This does mean that the fastjar manual is actually copyright Matthias 
>Klose and so he's free to remove the Invariant Section and Cover Texts 
>from that manual.

Well, that's nice at any rate.  :-)  Actually though, according to the 
legal opinion I got from Eben Moglen, as the sole author, he's allowed 
to unilaterally licence the manual under any terms he wants _even if it 
is FSF copyright_, due to the grantback.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at>

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