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Reg near and far call syntax

   I am trying to use near and far jump calls in a
assembly code. I am using gcc 2.96 on Linux 2.4.18-10
(redhat)on Intel 686. I am having certain doubts:
For near calls, we can either specify offset relative
to the EIP or using R/M encoding. 
My doubt is is it possible to specify offset in any
other than using label. Whenever we use label compiler
generates code having relative offset. Is there any
other case in which compiler generates such code?
When specifying using MOD R/M encoding, for AT&T
syntax, I tried to specify a 32 bit displacement as
follows: call 0x80404142. This supposed to generate
error but it didn't (no preceeding *). It compiled and
produced some wrong code. Is this a known bug?
I tried making a far call in intel syntax using
call far %es:0x80404142. This gave me an error saying
undefined reference to far (linker). GNU AS manual
says that this is the intel syntax. It compiled when I
used AT&T syntax (in intel syntax mode)lcall
%es:0x80404142.Is this bug again?
When I compiled above code, it used CALL m16:32 form
of far call (opcode : FF/3).I couldn't figure out how
to write mnemonic that would generate far call
corresponding to CALL ptr16:32 (Opcode: 9A). Any
In summary, I want to know mnemonic syntax in
AT&T,Intel format for near calls (relative offset,
indirect addressing), far calls (m16:32,ptr16:32).
Sorry for the lengthy mail.

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