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Numbering of dump files in documentation

> > *************** Dump after running tracer, to @file{@var
> > *** 3215,3220 ****
> > --- 3215,3223 ----
> >   @item u
> >   @opindex du
> >   Dump after null pointer elimination pass to @file{@var{file}.08.null}.
> > + @item V
> > + @opindex dV
> > + Dump after value range propagation, to @file{@var{file}.11.vrp}.
> >   @item w
> >   @opindex dw
> >   Dump after the second flow pass, to @file{@var{file}.28.flow2}.
> Just a nit.  You need to shift all the other passes after vrp by one.
>   28.flow2 -> 29.flow2, etc.

It would be better to remove the numbers from all -d? options in
documentation, as in description of -d? in passes.texi (see below)
so that we would not have to renumber the numbers when we add or remove a pass.

What others think about this?

+ @opindex dV
+ The option @option{-dV} causes a debugging dump of the RTL code after
+ this pass.  This dump file's name is made by appending @samp{.vrp} to
+ the input file name.
  @cindex global common subexpression elimination
  @cindex constant propagation
  @cindex copy propagation


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