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Re: GCC 3.3 build on AIX 5.2, ICE

I've tried all possible combinations on AIX, and now
I've got quite far with the native cc for bootstrap.
I had to make the following edits:

in gcc/intl/plural.c, cc complains that the body
if yylex doesn't match its prototype w.r.t. the 2nd
parameter, where the prototype declares unsigned char**
and the body has a unsigned char**.  What is mind-boggling 
is that they are identical, except the body is K&R, but
even replacing the body's head by the prototype _literally_
still emits the error with AIX cc!  So I oblige and remove 
the const from the prorotype, then cc runs through, but
xgcc of course complains -- so I put the const back and
that part is over.

Another complaint is about build's math.h, where the
... \
#ifndef __cplusplus 
conditional are embedded in the midst of a macro definition,
and cc considers them macro parameters -- I just remove them
and now I'm at the stage where the library contents is checked
for declaration and linkage, and it's extremely slow and
seemingly repetitive -- after a few hours, same declaration,
linkage checks.  Is there an endless loop in the make somewhere?
I put the original plural.c back with its time intact, but the
math.h is edited.  Is it supposed to take forever on AIX?


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