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Call for testers for pch-branch

The PCH work is now mostly complete, and it would be helpful if it could have some wider testing, especially on non-Darwin hosts. So, if you're interested in precompiled headers, or just want to make sure that the patches on the branch don't cause regressions on your favourite host or target, I encourage you to check out the branch and try it.

You can check out and build the branch by doing

cvs -d co -r pch-branch gcc

and then build it using 'configure' and 'make' as usual.

There are three classes of bugs I'm interested in:

- Things that worked on the tree as at pch-merge-20021124, but don't work
on pch-branch;
- Cases where a compilation produces different output depending on whether or
not a PCH was used (including when it crashes when a PCH is used); and
- Whether you found the documentation clear.

I am also interested in reports of successful builds.

I do know that the testcase gcc.dg/pch/inline-1.c fails with -O3 -g, it's a testsuite bug, don't worry about it. Other than that, all the gcc.dg/pch testcases should pass.

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