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(ti)c4x maintainer

Re: (toplevel patch) Real targets for make.

-fasynchronous-unwind-tables bug

-finstrument-functions and inlining problems (again)

-fpic and calls.c; sibcalls

-no-integrated-cpp flag

Re: -Wp,<options>

/cvs full?


3.2.1 installed on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00

3.2.1 installed on i686-pc-linux-gnu (Red Hat 7.2)

3.2.1 installed on sparc-sun-solaris2.7

3.2.1 release

3.3 vs 3.1 on powerpc


[altivec] vec_unpack2sh/sl/uh/ul ??

[basic-improvements] Merge from trunk

Re: [basic-improvements] try/finally support for c/c++

Re: [C PATCH]: tidy some code

[Fwd: Error: subtraction of two symbols ....]

[Fwd: GCC tree access]

[Fwd: Head attribute does match file for `/cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/f/ChangeLog,v']

[Fwd: Re: [gnu.org #6139] Linux New Media Award 2002]

[Fwd: Re: gdb/488: vtable, RTTI, and namespaces don't work together]

[Fwd: Re: sigpending.c causes libc build to fail]

[itanium-sched-branch] merged with the main line as of 2002-11-25

[meta] mailx that generates In-Reply-To headers

Re: [Mingw-users] gcc -save-temps foo.c fails to build foo.o

[novice] gcc compiler result's speed disappointing on UlraSPARCIIe / Solaris V9? What goes wrong?

Re: [novice] gcc compiler result's speed disappointing onUlraSPARCIIe / Solaris V9? What goes wrong?

Re: [PATCH/RFA] SH: DWARF2 exception handling

[patch] Re: ARM: testsuite gcc.c-torture/execute/20020307-2.c failure

Re: [patch] Re: ARM: testsuite gcc.c-torture/execute/20020307-2.cfailure

[RFC] callgraph and unit at time compilation

[rtlopt] Value profiling and optimalizations

Re: [Star-users] GCC build: incompatible with star (fwd)

[tree-ssa] doxygen documentation available

[tree-ssa] Merge from basic-improvements as of 2002-10-31

[tree-ssa] Merge with basic-improvements as of 2002-11-05

[tree-ssa] Merge with basic-improvements as of 2002-11-20

[tree-ssa] Tree-Browser documentation


about Register Allocation Algorithm used in GCC

About Regmove !!

Re: about unroll loops

accessing machine specific attributes from rtx

adding mips-*-vxworks support to 3.4 -in basic-improvements branch

additions to GCC 3.2 build status list

Alignement problems with SSE vector types

allocate new register in find_auto_inc

alpha-linux xrosscompiler on HEAD?

alphaev67-dec-osf5.0 duplicate bugs?

Altivec - declaring variables named vec_madd and vec_vmaddfp


announce: VHDL front-end for GCC

Apologies (Irony)

Are binutils and gcc's include/hashtab.h supposed to be in sync?

Arm Endian Problems?

ARM not using .file/.loc

ARM: testsuite gcc.c-torture/execute/20020307-2.c failure

Assigning priorities to GNATS reports


AWT - support in GCJ

bad link in mirrors

Re: Bootstrap times on mainline are getting worse

Re: bootstrap/5917: [hpux 11.0 64bit] Building gcc-3.0.4 (bootstrap) using gcc-3.0.2/64 and binutils-2.12 fails

Re: bootstrap/6591: [m88k] 2.95.3: genrecog: Internal compiler error in `merge_trees' at gcc/genrecog.c:968

Broken -m128bit-long-double support

build failure with --enable-clocale=gnu and glibc 2.3(.1)

Build success for GCC 3.2.1 on alphaev56

Building gcc-3.2.1 for sparc64 on a sparc32?

Built in calls?

builtin type size


C ABI: "__attribute__((allow_zero_size))" update?

C++ compile and execution times

C++ functional programming optimization on GCC 3.2

c-tree.texi broken

c/3190: Re: gcc bug: complaint on %c for strftime

c/c++ error

C/C++: list of macro definitions?

Calculating distance vector for 2 rtl instructions.......

Call for testers for pch-branch

Can a posting be removed?

can as-MCORE generate little endian formate output object file?

Can you give me some advices?

Can't build gcc trunk or 3.2 branch under cygwin on Win XP/SP1

Cannot build

Canonicalization of function pointers

chip selects for more ram

clean build question

closed altivec prs

COG 3-1-1 successful build

comparing two executable binary files

Compilation of gcc-3.2 failed

Compiler flags

Complete AST ??

Complicated config puzzle (m68k-apollo-bsd, v810, aix4.3+ maintainers please reply)

configure doesn't find nm/objdump in native build

conflict between libstdc++ nan and c99/builtin nan functions

copyright assignment

Copyright assignment forms

cpp0 not mentioned in multiple version installation

criteria.html for 3.2.1?

deleted insns ???

DFA quantitative slot restriction

DFA scheduler producing sub-optimal code.

Disk space requirement

divmod with -O3

Does gcc support threads on Tru64?

download the Gnu C Compiler

RE: Doxygen for tree-ssa

Dumping AST ???

Re: Duplicates?

DWARF-2 Exception Handling in C++: Please Help!

Dynamically relocatable .rodata section


e500 GNU toolchain

Effect of -fno-reorder-blocks?


electric tools

ELF to EXE converstion?

Re: Error on the development plan web page?

error while "make bootstrap-lean"

error while install cross compiler


Evento em Osaka. - Motherhall

Re: f/sta.c:340: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules

f/sta.c:340: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will breakstrict-aliasing rules

Re: f/sta.c:340: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer willbreak strict-aliasing rules

Failure fo build gcc cvs 3.2 branch on sparc64-linux: libstdc++-v3/src/complex_io.cc

Re: Failure fo build gcc cvs 3.2 branch on sparc64-linux:libstdc++-v3/src/complex_io.cc

Feature idea for c/c++: `#use' and `--recursive'

Feature idea for gcc

Feature ideas

Feature Request

fileattr mismatch (was: Re: /cvs full?)

forcing gcc to save all caller saved registers

Funny comment in m88k.md

G++ ABI: bug in non-POD class tail-padding reuse?

g++ demangling specification?

The G77 compiler not accurate unless -O3 used


gcc - using inline with -fPIC

gcc 3.1.1 eh_frame and global constructors for embedded platforms ie no start files

Re: gcc 3.1.1 eh_frame and global constructors for embeddedplatforms ie no start files

GCC 3.1.1 installed on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.11 (HP UX 11i)

gcc 3.2 (w/ patch) installed on PowerPC-Darwin 6.1

GCC 3.2 Branch Closure

gcc 3.2 core installed

GCC 3.2 OpenBSD3.2

gcc 3.2 successful build

gcc 3.2.0 changes?

GCC 3.2.1

Re: GCC 3.2.1 -- Request for Bug Fixers

gcc 3.2.1 bootstrap on ppc Linux, Thanks!

GCC 3.2.1 Prerelease

GCC 3.2.1 Release

gcc 3.2.1 release notes (final)

Re: gcc 3.2.1 schedule?

GCC 3.2.1 successful bootstrap

GCC 3.2.1 successful bootstrap on Red Hat Linux release 8.0 (Psyche)

GCC 3.2.1 successful installed

GCC 3.2.2/GCC 3.3

GCC and gmon ?

gcc backend general question

gcc bug: complaint on %c for strftime

GCC CVS (still) broken?

gcc cvs disk full?

gcc failed to compile glibc/alpha

GCC for 8051 microcontrollers

gcc library for Linked Lists

Gcc linker problem

gcc question (SunSolaris2.8)

GCC revision history in CVSQL

GCC Testing Efforts web page: gcc.gnu.org/testing

GCC to emit C code


GCC tree access

gcc warnings and [in]valid lvals

FW: gcc-3.2

gcc-64 20021111 broken on HP-UX 11.00

gcc-ss-20021104 is now available

gcc-ss-20021111 is now available

gcc-ss-20021118 is now available

gcc-ss-20021125 is now available


gcc.gnu.org unrechable


gcc/configure failed to detect assembler hidden support on solaris2.6

gcc3.2.1 installation failure on Alpha/Tru64

gcc: cleaning up top level config

gcj mailing lists

Getting Insn from UID

GNATS Write Access


GRP_COMDAT in gcc?

GTY or global_tree array?


Has gcc-3.2.1 been released yet?

help with different treatment of asms in 3.2 and 3.3?

help: turn off "pragma once is obsolete" warning

help: unreasonable assembly code after put gcc compiler optimization option "-O2" or "-O1"

help:optimize certain piece of code instead of using "-O1" "-O2" at the command line

Here Is Some Information You Might Find Useful

HJ's patch for PRs 5351 and 7591 (was Re: PR 8146)

Re: Host/Target specific installation notes for GCC - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

How to make unwind info always present?

How to prevent multilib builds if OS support missing?

How to work around libtool problem?

Re: HP-UX IA64 Patch to fix earlier patch

HPUX `make'

ICE at cp/search.c:283 building complex_io.o on sparc64-linux

ICE reload1.c:2837 problem.

Ignorant question about printf warnings for pointer-to-member functions

Re: Implementing Universal Character Names in identifiers

Re: Improved use of TREE_SYMBOL_REFERENCED in the C++ front end

Re: Improving alias analysis

inline memcpy optimization bug?

Install of gcc-3.2.1 on i686-pc-linux-gnu (Mandrake 9.0)

INSTALL suggestion


INSTALL/index.html suggestion

Installation of 3.2 on a totally clean system

Installation of libstdc++-v3 headers

Installing GCC: Configuration

Integrating A front-end to Gcc back-end...

International Exhibits


RE: Irony (Words and Meanings)

is double arith slower in 3.2

is there any way I can download a tarball of recent gcc internalsmanual?

Re: It's target deprecation season again!

Japanese girl VS playboy

java and c++


Latency of rtl instruction..

latest version: draft gcc 3.2.1 release notes

ld dwarf error


libffi for ia64

libstdc++.so.x issue

line-by-line profiling

The Linux binutils is released

The Linux binutils is released

Linux Kernel 3.5.49-ac1 built with GCC 3.2.1 on Red Hat Linux 8.0

linux-2.5 min()/max() macros generate warnings with gcc-3.0.4 and gcc-3.2

Re: linux-2.5 min()/max() macros generate warnings with gcc-3.0.4and gcc-3.2

Re: linux-2.5 min()/max() macros generate warnings with gcc-3.0.4andgcc-3.2

Malloc and assignment in h8300-elf

Mangling change between gcc 3.0 and gcc 3.1

May delete_trivially_dead_insns delete trapping insns?

md question

MDaemon Warning - Virus Found

migrating from msvc to gcc

Minor bug in mkmap-symver.awk? (fwd)

Missing Ada/GNAT documentation?

MMX suppport in GCC

Modification of literal strings

more 3.2.1 build status list additions

multi-line comment warning.. bug/question?

My new gcc 3.1 uses old header files...

My system is not listed for the version of GCC that I builted

Mysterious termination.


new libstdc++ ABI baseline files, differences in ia64-unknown-linux-gnu baseline

News gateway feeding back to GCC lists

nightly valgrind?

Re: Nominating Kaz Kojima as sh-linux OS port maintainer (Was: Re: [PATCH/RFA] SH: DWARF2 exception handling)

Nominating Kaz Kojima as sh-linux OS port maintainer (Was: Re: [PATCH/RFA] SH: DWARF2 exception handling)

Re: Nominating Kaz Kojima as sh-linux OS port maintainer (Was: Re:[PATCH/RFA] SH: DWARF2 exception handling)

non-clobbering call insn

Notification of VIRUS mail

Objective-C++, GCC and GNUstep

Re: Obsolete installation instructions and inconvenient CVS HOWTO

OpenTV gcc toolchain at sourceforge

Re: optimization/6162: gcc 3.0.4: certain i386 asm reloader ice

ostringstream long long problem on Alpha/Tru64 with latest gcc3.2.1

Re: ostringstream long long problem on Alpha/Tru64 with latestgcc3.2.1

OT: Apple gcc3 bootstrap error.

Parameter typechecking

PATCH for Re: PRs in category "bootstrap"

PATCH for Re: Web Page Content Error

Patch to remove unused `NAN' and `nan' from libstdc++-v3

Re: PATCH: reorg branch displacement fix

Re: Patch: stab info for const fields

Performance issues

Pessimization from reduce-all-givs and move-all-movables

pexecute.c on cygwin for cross compile

Plz Help

port to intel 8086, 80186, 80286; NEC V20, V30

Possible Interest:

post_modify and reload

Re: PR 8146

PR 8146: Clarification

PR 8702, problem with C++ parser

PR C++/7964: ICE in build_base_path, at cp/class.c

PR other/326

preprocessor bug(?)

Problem compilation with gcc

Problems building 3.2.1 on AIX 4.3.2

Problems with MIPS soft floating point support for gcc-3.2...

PRs in category "bootstrap"

query about integrating a front-end to GCC back-end

Question about condition codes...

Question about gcc 3.x

question on __attribute__ ((constructor))

Register Allocator query.

Registerized function parameters and related things.

Regression (of sorts) in 20021111 snapshot

Re: REGRESSION in 3.2.1-pre on mips-irix6 (and elsewhere) compiling execute/20011219-1.c

Re: REGRESSION in 3.2.1-pre on mips-irix6 (and elsewhere) compilingexecute/20011219-1.c

REGRESSION in 3.2.1-pre on mips-irix6 (and elsewhere) compiling execute/20011219-1.c

Re: REGRESSION in 3.2.1-pre on mips-irix6 (and elsewhere) compilingexecute/20011219-1.c

release notes for gcc 3.2.1 (possibly final?)

release schedule?

Re: release scheduler?

removing ctr branches from rs6000

RE: Rename -W to -Wextra ?

Representing EH in GENERIC

Request for hybrid Objective C and C++ support

request for sample code

Reservation unit as FIFO

Reverse Engineering

RFC/RFA: basic-improvements: split config.h and tm.h

rs6000 *_SET target flags -- needed?

rs6000 machine description/assembly question

Re: rtl indexed addressing mode question

SIMD support in GCC (was :Re: MMX suppport in GCC)

simple question

sizeof(long long)

Sorry, that is .data, not .rodata (Was: Re: Dynamically relocatable .rodata section)

Speeding up linking.

Spurious copies with user-defined conversions

Stack overflows on Darwin - was bootstrap/8394:

state of 3.2.1-pre: how far from release?

Status of 3.2.1 and 3.3?

Status of pch branch(es)

strange CSE behaviour with comparison operation

Re: Subject: Removing the arg_index field from cpp_hashnode

Successful 3.2.1 build on AIX

Successful 3.2.1 build on AIX

Successful bootstrap of 3.2.1 on Solaris 8 (intel pentium)

Successful bootstrap of 3.2.1 on Solaris 8 (sparc ultra)

Successful bootstrap of 3.2.1 on Solaris 9 (32-bit only) (sparc ultra)(all languages)

successful build

Successful build of 3.2.1 on Tru64 4.0g (C, C++, Fortran, Java)

Successful Build, gcc 3.2.1, custom SMP Linux

Successful gcc installation

Successful installation of gcc-3.2.1

Successful installation of gcc-3.2.1 on darwin-6.2

Successful installation of gcc-3.2.1 on powerpc--linux-gnu

Successfull bootstrap of 3.2.1 on Solaris 7 machine (sparc ultra)

successfully built gcc-3.2.1 on sparc-sun-solaris2.8

successfully installed gcc3.2.1 on SuSE Linux 7.3

successfully installing gcc-3.2.1 on sparc-sun-solaris2.8

Suggestion for INSTALL/configure.html

Superoptimiser for Hitachi H8/300H


Target Specific Code Generation in GCC Core

Technique for finding regressions in the C++ parser

Teeny, tiny webpage inaccuracy?

Testcase minimization with Delta

tests 20020523-[12].c

Thread safety of gcc when using -ax option

tic4x assemble enhancements

toplevel makefile question

treelang currently OK/maintainer will be away until 10 January 2003

Triage: PR7385

Trouble with cross gcc

Troubles building a (nearly) unified tree


two constructor copies question, again

Type lookup problem in local template class?

Typedef Structure Inheritance

Undocumented source files

Uninstall gcc 3.1

unnecessary template bloat

Unspecified behaviour in java/gjavah.c

upgrading fromm old gcc (newbie Q)

Fwd: URGENT : compile and link an assembler file !

Use of float vs double in timevar


Re: Using SCRATCH Register for a mov op,

Value profiling and f90 convertion

Vendor version strings


Warnings in i386.md: source missing a mode

Re: Web Page Content Error

What changes are to be made to dependence.c ?

What makes this comparison always 0?

What's difference between egcs2.91 and gcc-2.96

What's happening to SPEC's 164.gzip/176.gcc/254.gap??

What's happening to SPECint2000?

What's the right way to do host libraries required for gcc

Where ?

Where are the gcc 3.2.0 changes listed?

Re: whither specs?

Why does config.gcc use deleted files?

Why is there INSTALL/INSTALL/...?

Write access to GNATS

xcompile linux->windoze?

Zero overhead exception handling in C++

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