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Build Issues!


I have been attempting a build of the 3.2 version of gcc for embedded
systems and have
run into a road block.

Here is the output of config.guess => sparc-sun-solaris2.7

I have run the config and install process according to your instructions for
an arm processor
using elf output.

The target was set using --target=arm-elf

Everything seems to work fine.  In fact, I even get what looks to be a
compiler in the gcc
component called xgcc.  On execution, the --dumpmachine function and -v
function work
just fine.

This xgcc function is then used to attempt a build of lib1funcs.asm.  This
is where things
go very wrong.  Its almost like a sparc assembler is getting ahold of this
asm file.  I get
lots of unrecognized commands, etc.

The build process is then halted with an error status.  The same type of
failure occurs when
I attempt a make install using the same configuration data as above.

As of now, I have found nothing in the arm build documentation that may be a
clue as to what
I am doing wrong here.  Have any of you folks come accross this issue and if
so, is there a posted

Kind Regards
Dev Emch
software engineer
StorageTek Corp

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