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3.2 branch/openserver g++ test results looking bad

Once upon a time in the not terribly distant pass, GCC's testuite
results on OpenServer (i686-*-sco3.2v5*) were at approximate parity with
Linux on IA32.  I've been a big slacker and haven't had my eye on it in
many months.  I just cranked off a bootstrap and a testsuite run and
it's not looking good for G++.

The C language tests are basically in the game with 234 unexpected
failures.  The G++ tests are still running, but by inspection of the
still-growing g++.log, it looks like the majority of the failures have
the same root:

	/usr/tmp/blah.s:name already bound as global: blah

If I take the attached registers1.ii (derived from a random failing
testsuite entry) I'll see:

$ ./xgcc -c ./registers1.ii
/usr/tmp//ccG6WKmc.s:4:name already bound as global: float_src
/usr/tmp//ccG6WKmc.s:12:name already bound as global: float_dest
/usr/tmp//ccG6WKmc.s:19:name already bound as global: int_src
/usr/tmp//ccG6WKmc.s:26:name already bound as global: int_dest

Sure enough, it's emitting double .globl for C++ things.  

(robertl) rjlhome:/play/negcs-3.2/gcc
$ head -5 registers1.s
        .file   "registers1.C"
        .version        "01.01"
        .globl  float_src
        .globl  float_src

3.0.4 didn't do this.  You can argue that the assembler is being lame
and I won't argue, but it'd be helpful to folks that use AT&T derived
assemblers if we wouldn't torment them.

Can anyone offer a hand on this?


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