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Trouble with EABI

Hi everybody.

First of all, I want to apologize if I miss newsgroup for this post.
Second, my english is not natural language,
please forgive me for my bad sentences.

We have problem, we use gcc like cross compiler for lx4280 processor
based on mips family. 
We have to link our program with libraries. Theese libraries are
produced by another compiler, Green Hill (GH) actually, 
GH calling convention is EABI. Does anybody have EABI spec?

In documentaion of gcc it seems that gcc support eabi, with switch
-mabi=eabi, but we never succedded to compile 
program with this switch, becouse gcc, we use 2.96,  does not recognize
this switch.
We suspect that all targets, which gcc in ver 2.96 supports, does not
recognize switch for EABI. Is this correct?
If it is and we want to add support for eabi in our target, what is best
way to do it?

We read from: 
	All configurations now accept the -mabi switch. Note that you
will need appropriate multilibs for this option to work properly.
	ELF configurations will always pass an ABI flag to the
assembler, except when the MIPS EABI is selected
It look like that all target for mips can use switch for choose ABI,
please confirm this. If this true, we will add support
for lx4280 processor in gcc, what is best way to start?

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